We can provide experienced and professional staff for almost any service, due to our unique engagement process, whether its a housekeeper, cleaner, home cook or gardener, we will find the ‘perfect fit’ for you. The process is as simple as can be…

  • Contact us & let us know which service you require.
  • We will source a suitable number of relevant candidates.
  • You select the most suitable candidate for your needs.
  • We employ the candidate and manage all necessary paperwork.
  • We can arrange an induction period and you decide on a start date.
  • You relax and enjoy the benefits of being a Clockwork House client.
  • How much will it cost?

    This will depend upon the services you require, however, we only charge a one-off, non-refundable Registration and Admin fee once you engage our services. What you can be sure of, is, whatever your requirements, we will provide the most competitive and value-for-money service possible.

  • What if I need more than one service?

    If you require multiple services we will offer the most cost-effective way of meeting your requirements, and within the time-scale that suits you wherever possible.

  • Will you provide services not listed here?

    We will do our utmost to provide a range of services that you may require, subject to being able to source the right people for the work you have in mind. We are more than happy to consider most requests and will let you know as soon as possible whether we are able to fulfil your requirements, if this is not possible, for whatever reason, we will try our best to provide you with a suitable alternative for your consideration.

  • What if I need multiple staff?

    We can provide you with whatever staff you require, via our “ready and waiting” database, where you may select potential candidates for interview.

  • What if I already have staff I am happy with?

    If we have truly fulfilled your requirements, and you feel that you have the right staff for you, in place, then, as long as you continue to renew your service contract, and your staff member is happy to stay with you, there is no limit as to how long you can keep them.

  • What if I don't need a service regularly?

    If you do not require a regular service, we provide a pay-per-day option that will suit your needs entirely, please complete the enquiry form in our Home Services Hub section and we will discuss your requirements and provide you with the best and most cost-effective solution.


If you do not require staff on a permanent or regular basis, please browse our selection of suggested services and complete our enquiry form for further details.

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